Do not buy used emberlight Sockets

Due to our security protocols, if the previous user did not delete the device correctly from their account, the device will be locked down to their account and will be unusable for the new user. If you do come accross a used device, please make sure that the previous owner deletes the device from their account before giving it to you. 

Never buy a used device from Amazon as it will be difficult to figure out who the previous owner was.

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    Thomas Clapp

    So there isn't any way to reactivate a used bulb? There's no way to send a request and have it manually removed from their account? I get the security, but that seems a bit much. A factory reset should remove everything.

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    Hi Thomas -

    Yes, we can manually remove the device association from their account in our database for you, but we need either (a) the previous owner's account email address or (b) the devices' Bluetooth MAC ID. With either of those, we can hunt down the device in the database and delete it.

    We agree that it may be a bit much, but we thought it's better to start on the conservative side. We have been getting solid feedback on the user experience impact (like yours), and we're working on a methodology to improve this process.

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    Thomas Clapp

    Ah, well that's not so bad then. As long as there is a method to get things done.

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