Motorola Android Phones

Motorola phones have a different way of using bluetooth vs other Android phones. emberlight is currently not compatible with Motorola phones.

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    Timothy Hesse

    I've a second gen Moto X and it works. The first week it was fine, everything worked, on week three there seem to be some degradation, lots of lag between the actions of the app and the bulbs.

    Also, I cannot for the life of me get IFF to work at all, using existing recipes or creating them; can't get them to turn on at a specific time or at Sunset. Pretty disappointed in that.

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    emberlight support

    @Timothy - Thanks for the feedback. Were you able to go through the setup process with your gen2 MotoX?

    As more devices came online, we started having issues with the server which is likely why you started seeing an increase in the lag. We are working on optimizing things now to get the speed up.

    For IFTTT, where are you seeing the issue during the recipe creation? Were you able to connect your emberlight account? Feel free to shoot us a note at with any details or screenshots you have on the issue.

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    Jason B

    What? Will this be fixed? I have a new Moto X Pure (2015) and will be very disappointed if I start to have issues with Emberlight, as I have already invested time and money installing the product.

    Are you working to fix the issue with Motorola phones?

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    Steven Craig

    Did this ever get corrected? I have a 1st gen. Moto X and I want to be sure I can use it before I purchase my first Emberlight.

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