Factory Reset

A factory reset should only be done as a last resort. This process is not reversible and will require the emberlight socket to be set up from scratch. Before trying a factory reset, please first try cycling the power to the device. If that doesn't help, then try to delete them from your account in the app. In most cases these steps will resolve the issue. After deleting (or if you are unable to delete), and still need to do a factory reset, follow the steps below.

To complete a factory reset, you'll need to have access to the physical light switch connected to the light being used.

  1. Close/kill the app completely. Make sure no one else in the room has the app open either.
  2. Put the emberlight into the socket and add a dimmable bulb.
  3. Turn the light switch ON for at least 2 seconds (no more than 4 seconds), turn it OFF.
  4. Turn the light switch ON for at least 2 seconds (no more than 4 seconds), turn it OFF.
  5. Turn the light switch ON for at least 2 seconds (no more than 4 seconds), turn it OFF.
  6. Turn the light switch ON for at least 5 seconds.
  7. The light will begin fading in & out indicating that the emberlight socket has been reset.
  8. Reopen the app on a single device in the room.
  9. If the emberlights that were just reset are still listed in the app, you'll need to delete them now. (If the device is still under your account, then the app won't recognize the reset device since it will think it's already in your account.)
  10. The app should now recognize the reset device as a new one to be installed. 
  11. If you are getting the error ""Error connecting emberlights: device already exists", please contact us at support@emberlight.co and provide your emberlight account email.

Please follow this video for additional guidance.


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    Very frustrating. Since the device wasn't working, I eventually had to do a hard reset. Step 9 above says i'll just need to delete them. Unfortunately there is no 'Edit' button like is shown in the 'delete them' URL above. Therefore I have seemingly zero way to get this device working again. So, it is just setting at my house as the most expensive paper weight I have. :(

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    emberlight support

    Sorry about this experience Dan. I just responded to your support ticket. There is likely something we need to do on our side after we get some more information from you. I will also update this article in case other folks get the same error.

  • Avatar

    Thanks Atif. It's really appreciated how quickly you responded. I'll write back on the open ticket.

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    Sumeet Narula

    Not getting reset, or detected, tried everything

  • Avatar
    Daniel DeBosschere

    They reset fine but they never get setup. Using WPA2, within range, reset multiple times. “Value Length is invalid” is what I get every time I enter the wifi password.

  • Avatar
    Bradford Wesson

    I get the same statement as above. “Value length is invalid”. I’ve emailed numerous times and want this fixed. Not answering is a bad company move. Very unhappy.

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