Amazon Alexa Integration

emberlight now works natively with Amazon Alexa. Skill can be found by searching "emberlight" in the Alexa app under skills. More information here:

emberlight Alexa Skill

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    Brian Edge

    I was really excited when I hooked up my emberlight to my alexa. It was working so well, that even my 3 year old was able to turn on/off a light in his room. Now, it takes up to several minutes for the emberlight to respond. The only thing that seems to fix it is to open the emberlight app on my phone, toggle on/off until the light responds.

    Please fix.

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    Hey Brian - Sorry for this issue. We think that there is a bug which isn't allowing the Socket to switch between bluetooth and WiFi/cloud connectivity for some people. Please try this:

    - Disable bluetooth on your smartphone that has the emberlight app.
    - Try turning the lights on using the app, then off with Alexa a few times.
    - That seemed to do the trick for the other people that had this issue.

    This is a firmware issue that we're trying to debug at the moment.

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    Yaz Rabadi

    I was having the same issue as Brian above, with one of my ember lights... I tried your suggestion, and oddly enough, the ember light in question is not responding AT ALL via the app when I turn off my bluetooth.

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    Hi Yaz - It could be that the device is no longer connected to WiFi. First try cycling the power to the device (turn the light switch off, then back on) to 'restart' the micro controller in the Socket and re-establisht the WiFi connection.

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    Andy Weisberg

    Hi. I've got a similar issue with Alexa and the app. The app works just great, and I can get Alexa to turn off and on the light through Emberlight, but when I ask Alexa to dim the light to 50% the light gets very erratic, blinking and going bright and dim. If I use the app on my phone I can control the brightness very well, but it seems like there's a problem with the Alexa control. I tried turning off bluetooth on my phone as suggested above, but then I had no control over the Emberlight at all. I also tried turning the switch off and on a few times with no improvement. Ideas?

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